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Lifelong Learning: Financing and funding opportunities

Below we present a selection of the numerous funding opportunities for your professional development: For detailed information, please follow the links provided. Detailed information can be found in the brochure "Funding opportunities in continuing education" (German only) from the German Society for Scientific Continuing Education and Distance Learning.

1. Tax deduction for continuing education

You can get information of which expenses for continuing education can be accounted for at the tax office and what you need to take into account, for example, in the guide to financing continuing education by Stiftung Warentest (German only).

2. State funding (federal government)

  • Continuing education scholarship

    The further education scholarship offers funding of up to 8,100 euros within a maximum of three years. The scholarship holders can use the funds to cover the costs of further education or part-time studies. The personal contribution for each funding measure is 10 percent. In the first year of funding, an IT bonus of 250 euros for the purchase of a computer can be applied together with the first training measure. Further information on the continuing education scholarship is available here.

  • Upgrading student loans

    Information at

  • Education Voucher

    With the education voucher, the Federal Employment Agency promotes the professional development of the unemployed, employees and those returning to work. The voucher is issued if the responsible employment agency at the place of residence considers further training to be necessary: ​​

  • Qualification Opportunities Act

    More information here.

3. State funding (Hesse)

  • Educational leave

    In most federal states, employees have the option to take time off from work for a certain period of time in order to continue their education. Information on educational leave in Hesse.

4. Financial support for postgraduate students

  • Student Loan

    Financial support for students from Germany and abroad (especially non-EU countries) in the MBAs/further education programmes in the form of loans and scholarships

    Brain Capital

    Students can apply for funding through the MBA or Master Education Fund. The amount of funding can be determined by the student, i.e. partial funding is also possible. Funding can also be combined with scholarships or other financial support. The prerequisite for an application is EU citizenship or an unlimited work and residence permit in Germany, as well as basic German language skills. Applicants from Switzerland, GB, Canada, USA and Australia can also receive funding in individual cases.

    Chancen eG

    Students can receive funding for further education (master's and bachelor's). Nationalities: Germany, EU, non-EU after individual case assessment

    Deutsche Bildung AG

    The education fund offer is open to all students (without age limit) of all subjects and disciplines. Nationalities: D, EU, non-EU

    Lendorse: Income Share Agreements

    The startup “Lendorse” has been offering income share agreements since 2021. The offer includes the financing of living costs as well as tuition fees and is in principle open to all disciplines, but IT-students receive special attention. Focus nationality: non-EU!

5. Sponsorship from Employer

  • Employees can ask the employer, for example, to pay for their training or grant a loan to finance it. It is also often possible to talk about reduced working hours or a time off (see "Educational leave").

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