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Dr. Imran Ali

  • Expertise: Digital Supply Chain Management, Industry 4.0, Information Systems
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Huddersfield University
  • Professional background: Various management-level positions at multinationals in the Telecommunications sector
  • Passion: Travelling, reading and technical writing

Dr. Markus Biedermann

  • Expertise: Air Traffic Management, General Management, Finance
  • Current position: Director Operational Support, DFS
  • Professional background: Air Traffic Controller, General Manager ATC
  • Passion: Running, Tabletop Games, BBQ

Prof. Dr. Veronika Kneip

  • Expertise: Leadership, digitalization, communication, personal development
  • Current position: Professor at Frankfurt UAS, HR and Organization
  • Professional background: Graduated in media studies, doctorated in political science, mediator, executive in the management of a private business school
  • Passion: Reading and traveling

Christina Koch

  • Expertise: Innovation and Project Management, Digitalization, IT, Aviation, Leadership
  • Current position: Senior Director Group IT Strategy & IT Processes, Lufthansa
  • Professional background: Business Administration, Consulting, Project Management
  • Passion: Functional fitness, yoga, travelling

Leonie Looser

  • Expertise: Airline Ground Operations, Flight Operations, Air Cargo, Leadership
  • Current position: Senior Director Crew Planning, Lufthansa
  • Professional background: Senior Director Cabin Planning and Crew Disposition Lufthansa Airlines
  • Passion: Cycling, Cooking & Baking

Prof. Dr. Barbara Lämmlein

  • Expertise/Background: Communication Scientist
  • Current position: Professor of General Business Administration, Dean of Students, Executive Director of the Center for Applied European Studies (CAES), Director of SCOPE, Deputy Director of the Institute for Mixed Leadership
  • Passion: Key competencies, personality development, cultural education and leadership

Tino Michalski

  • Expertise: Management, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Business Development, Entrepreneurship
  • Current position: Professor at Frankfurt UAS
  • Professional background: Senior Management Siemens Headquarter
  • Passion: Tennis, Art, Start-ups

Andreas Papatheodorou

  • Expertise: Air Transport and Tourism Economics
  • Current position: External Associate Frankfurt UAS; Executive Board Member of HCAA
  • Professional background: Professor at the University of the Aegean, Greece
  • Passion: Squash, travelling

Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht

  • Expertise: Aviation + Logistics
  • Current position: Program Director MBA Aviation and Tourism Management
  • Professional background: CEO Lufthansa Cargo
  • Passion: Skiing, watersport, jogging

Swen Schneider

  • Expertise: Information Systems, Internet, E-Commerce, Big Data, Augmented Reality
  • Current position: Professor at Frankfurt UAS
  • Professional background: Mastercard, IBM, Commerzbank, Consulting
  • Passion: running

Dr. Till Vogel

  • Expertise: Commercial contracts, Aviation, Litigation
  • Current position: Lawyer and partner
  • Professional background: Lawyer for over 22 years focused on international commercial matters with experience as an in-house lawyer at European airline; Professor at the Frankfurt UAS teaching commercial law
  • Passion: Running, hiking, my family and aviation

Knut R. Walther

  • Expertise: Airport and Air Traffic Management
  • Current position: Lecturer Aviation Management
  • Professional background: Commissioner for Intermodality at FRAPORT AG
  • Passion: Travelling, Photography, Cooking, Skiing

Prof. Peter Werner

  • Expertise: Management Accounting
  • Professional background: Various functions in industrial and financial companies (national and international)
  • Passion: Running, reading, family

Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler

  • Expertise: Strategic Aviation Management, Airline Marketing & Sales, Revenue Management, Air Cargo
  • Current position: Professor for International Aviation Management
  • Professional background: Regional Sales Manager Scandinavia Lufthansa Cargo, Head of Pricing Europe, Lufthansa Passenger Division, Founder & CEO MYTIGATE
  • Passion: Family, Reading, Dog Daisy, Yoga
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