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Networking Events

Networking places a crucial role in our MBA!

We believe in networking playing a crucial role in one's working life. We would like to make getting started easier for you. Hence, each year we organise various events to meet leading industry experts. We have compiled a collection of our past events and activities for you to get an idea.

June 2022

Learning about tourism where tourism happens – in marvellous and funky Athens.

September 2022

Interesting insights and fantastic outsights at our DFS Tower excursion at Frankfurt Airport.

September 2022

Networking through teamwork at our Alumni event.

Juni 2022

Learning about logistics in theory and application oriented at our partner university in Huddersfield.

September 2021

Our new cohort!

September 2020

Welcome on board! Our 2020 cohort!

January 2020

Experiencing a guided tour at Changi Airport during our Singapore block.

January 2020

Having lectures in Singapore at our partner University Embry-Riddle.

November 2019

They have already made it!

September 2019

Our Alumni events are very popular.

September 2019

Dining together is always a yummy way of getting together.

September 2019

Receiving insights from Amadeus Executive Monika Wiederhold.

June 2019

Making important connections during our excursion to Brussels.

June 2019

Joining an exclusive excursion to Nestlé in York, England.

March 2019

Learning from Fraport Executive Board Member Michael Müller.

March 2019

Big smiles of our post-graduates.

March 2019

DFS Tower visit.

September 2018

Having fun while exploring Frankfurt.

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