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Get to know Arbaz Rahim, our MBA Aviation and Tourism Alumni

We have interviewed one of our graduates, Arbaz Rahim and would like to post his answers to give a former students insight over the program


Arbaz, what made you decide to study our MBA program after already being a Sales Manager with AirBridgeCargo?

The study program was for me an introduction into fields which I had no previous experience with before. In Cargo I was fully aware of what is going on, but Aviation is a lot more than that and I was curious to understand how the other side of the business works

Were you able to network and meet new professionals in the field during the MBA Program?

Well yes, my colleagues in my course and the Professors during the program were truly gain assets after the Program. I had a chance to bond with my colleagues because we all went all through difficult studying periods but at the end we crossed the finish line together. The networking with the university and usage of various communication channels like On-Site Event, Online- Events, etc. are giving us steady chances to meet new colleagues in the field.

Where did life take you after successfully completing the program?

To be honest my life took me to a bunch of people who also have the MBA Certificate. That was for me a real lifetime achievement which I want to thank all of my colleagues and professors for the great support. I think, I am a bit wiser and was able to build my character during the study program and am currently working for Condor Cargo as Senior Manager Commercial Cargo.

Do you have any career advice for our future students that you would like to share?

My advice would be to never stop communicating and trying to connect with people all throughout the journey. The aviation world is similar to a big family where you will see definitely some people again.


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