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Aviation has always been Alexandra’s passion

Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor degree in Political Science, Alexandra joined a Middle Eastern national carrier in the Sultanate of Oman as a flight attendant. Embracing the professional diversity that the aviation industry brings along, she decided to take on our MBA program in Aviation and Tourism Management.

She now works within the business development team within the Network Manager Directorate at EUROCONTROL in Brussels.


Alexandra, what was your motivation to take on the MBA program?
After completing 5 years working for a full network airline in Inflight operations as a Cabin Director, I resonated to take a step further and to get to know the industry better. As an airline advocate and a diligent academic benchmark research, my choice stood in the MBA Aviation and Tourism Management at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. I was particularly thrilled by the international and European focus of the program. And I loved having the chance to study at different European universities.

How did you experience your time at university completing the MBA program?
The course set the foundation of my career. I especially took advantage of the networking modules and the excursion to Brussels, which in fact represented the point of entrance to my current job at EUROCONTROL. I embraced the mix of theory, management skills and networking modules in the course, and of course, it was brilliant having the chance to get to know CEOs of the industry and the field.

However, at the same time, studying while working full-time really is a big job to do and one has to be motivated and stay focused. Sure, there were moments of doubts due to all the work and assignments, but I am so happy I kept to the plan and finished the program as it opened so many doors to me. It is important to stay focused and plan the next steps if one wishes to advance.

The challenges came from the very first module. Whether professional, personal or needless to say academic, every lecture comes with an impact. Alternatively, the insights you gain about fields of the industry are impressive.
The experiences encountered will help one to shape strategic and specialist competencies at the sake of a solid time dedicated for research. The output will stay in building a personal vision of your professional future.

What does lifelong learning mean to you? 

Personally, I consider one’s personal engagement to develop leans to an ongoing professional and educational background. Once you have identified what motivates you, explore what it is about that particular interest or goal that you want to achieve. This allows you to relate between theory and practice, which is really helpful. The academic journey will be taking you through some clouds, but navigating through it you will see the clear skies at different horizons.

For me, the combination of professional education and theory is just great, as in my opinion one may benefit much more of a masters program having a professional background. This allows you to relate between theory and practice which is really helpful.

Thank you for the interesting conversation!

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