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Dr. Mehdi Al-Radhi

  • Current position: COO at Wingcopter GmbH
  • Expertise: Operational Excellence, Organizational Development, Change Management, Entrepreneurship
  • Background: Dr. Ing Mechanical Engineering TU Berlin
  • Interests: Sport, reading, travelling

Prof. Dr. Erika Graf

  • Current position: Professor of International Business Administration at Frankfurt UAS
  • Expertise: Marketing, International Management, Sales and Sustainability
  • Background: Marketing Manager and Sales Director in FMCG; Senior Consultant Financial Services
  • Interests: International marketing, sustainability marketing and digital marketing

Dr. Ing. Hans-Jürgen Höne

  • Current position: Business coach, start-up coach, consultant, guest lecturer, speaker
  • Expertise: Operational excellence, production management, business management, positive leadership
  • Background: Self-employed, over 20 years of management experience at Evonik Industries AG in Germany and abroad
  • Interests: Developing potentials, leadership, passing on experiences, yoga, table tennis, saxophone

Heiko Hammer

  • Current position: Management & Co-Founder
  • Expertise: Business game seminars on entrepreneurial topics, project management, SME consulting, sustainability reporting
  • Background: Studies in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (M.Sc.); Studies in Business Administration (Diploma BA (FH))

Prof. Dr. Michaela Hönig

  • Current position: Professor of General Business Administration, in particular Finance and Asset Management at Frankfurt UAS
  • Expertise: Systemic risk in the financial sector, digitization and tokenization of assets, investigation in the cryptocurrency space, and Metaverse
  • Background: Banking economics & financial mathematics, research focus on regulation, financial market crisis and systemic risks, stock exchange trader
  • Interests: Digitization and innovations

Dr. Andreas Jahnke

  • Current position: Managing Director Accenture
  • Expertise: Aviation and logistics, consulting, strategy development, business development
  • Background: Various management and consulting functions at Lufthansa, Volga-Dnepr, Kaufland, BCG; company founder and investor/business angel
  • Interests: Traveling, aviation, logistics industry, startup promotion, spending time with my family

Prof. Dr. Veronika Kneip

  • Current position: Professor at Frankfurt UAS, HR and Organization
  • Expertise: Leadership, digitalization, communication, personal development
  • Background: Graduated in media studies, doctorated in political science, mediator, executive in the management of a private business school
  • Interests: Reading and traveling

Prof. Dr. Barbara Lämmlein

  • Current position: Professor of General Business Administration, Dean of Students, Executive Director of the Center for Applied European Studies (CAES), Director of SCOPE, Deputy Director of the Institute for Mixed Leadership
  • Expertise/Background: Communication Scientist
  • Interests: Key competencies, personality development, cultural education and leadership

Prof. Dr. Tino Michalski

  • Current position: Professor Frankfurt UAS
  • Expertise: International Business Development, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Marketing
  • Background: Senior Manager Siemens Global Headquarter
  • Interests: Tennis, Art, Start-ups

Prof. Dr. Swen Schneider

  • Current position: Professor of Information Systems at Frankfurt UAS
  • Expertise: Information systems, internet, E-Commerce, big data, augmented reality
  • Background: Manager at Mastercard, IBM, Commerzbank
  • Interests: Running

Dr. Manouchehr Moshtag Khorasani

  • Current position: Lecturer for Ethical-, Cross-Cultural- and Value-Based Leadership, Intercultural Management, CSR und Business Ethics
  • Expertise: Cross-cultural management, cultural dimensions, values and ethics, history, international relations
  • Background: Business Administration and PhD in English/American Studies
  • Interests: Cultures, international relations and diplomacy, leadership, history and military history, martial arts

Valerie Sophie Schönberg

  • Current position: Consultant | Coach | Co-Founder of CIRCULAR COCREATION
  • Expertise: Circular Economy, Systemic Thinking, Multi-Stakeholder-Management 
  • Background: Strategy & innovation consulting, socioeconomics & European studies
  • Interests: Commitment to people & the environment, developing sustainable effective solutions through co-creation, bicycle tours

Prof. Dr. Michael Stephan

  • Current position: Professor at the Philipps-University Marburg
  • Expertise: Technology and innovation management, service management, management & promotion of start-ups, innovation-oriented corporate management
  • Background: Foundation/management of start-ups nanoCrypt AG, managing director MAFEX
  • Interests: Jazz, vinyl, climbing, running

Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach

  • Current position: Professor of Information Systems and Director of "ditlab", Scientific Director at the Information Systems Department of Fraunhofer FIT
  • Expertise: Digitalization, information management, blockchain, management of AI
  • Background: Studied business informatics, doctor and habilitation at EBS Business School, professor at the University of Bayreuth, management consultant
  • Interests: Soccer, marathons, family

Dr. Sandra Wolf

  • Current position: CEO Riese & Müller 
  • Expertise: Branding, sustainability, organization, HR, corporate governance
  • Background: Branding, sustainability, organization, HR, corporate governance
  • Interests: sport, nature, literature
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