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  • MBA Leadership: diverse – innovative – sustainable

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    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • MBA Leadership: divers - innovativ - nachhaltig

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MBA Leadership: diverse – innovative – sustainable

Mixed Leadership: The path to success!

The MBA Leadership: diverse - innovative - sustainable teaches modern leadership skills such as self-reflection, agility and negotiation techniques. This is combined with skill building in dealing with one's own unconscious biases as well as the strengths and conflict potential of diverse teams. Managers are equipped to make diversity and gender sensitivity a common practice in their teams. This includes a corporate culture that is open to change. This paves the way to success - for the career of the manager as well as for the development of the company.

This MBA is only offered in german.

Your benefits

Benefit from the wide range of knowledge and rich experience of our lecturers, who are excellent in science and have knowledge of the practical world, in a course of study with a leadership focus that is unique in Germany.

By systematically acquiring theoretical knowledge and all the necessary skills for modern leadership, you will develop your skills in agility, strategic management and self-reflection as a leader.

Enhance your understanding of diversity, sustainability and how to deal with change in a world that is changing at an ever faster pace. Obtain the qualifications you need for a wide range of career prospects and lay the foundations for your work as a leader of the future.

The study program is designed to be compatible with a full-time professional career. Clustered class periods on Fridays and Saturdays allow you to exchange knowledge and experiences in depth, as well as to establish a continuous link between the study content and real-world situations.

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